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If you have been getting arty, crafty, musical or poetic lately, we would love to see and hear the fruits of your creative exploits! Please send us photos or videos showcasing your creations to so we can see what you’ve been up to!


arts in health

‘I have participated in making stained glass panels on and off for a number of years, and recently took it up again.

‘The great things about stained glass is that a) you don’t need to be especially creative or arty and b) whilst it is incredibly hard to be really good, it is quite easy to be acceptable. 

‘It is such a relief to just get my head down for a couple of hours and concentrate on the panel – everything else running around in my head just disappears. And it is so satisfying to work for a couple of hours and see real and tangible change in the piece you’re working on. I can’t recommend it enough and would really encourage anyone to give some creative pastime a go.’

Kirsten Major, Chief Executive, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

The Arts in Health team relies on the goodwill of our dedicated team of volunteers. We also regularly work with professional artists and musicians on a variety of creative projects across the Trust.