Osborn Reception Foyer Art Project Complete


In 2021, the Sheffield Hospitals Charity supported the renovation of the foyer area at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre in  Osborn building, Northern General Hospital.

Talented artist, Jacqui Symons, led a series of art workshops for patients at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre as part of a two-year project that started in 2020. The workshops provided a creative and relaxing atmosphere for patients with spinal cord injuries to try different forms of printmaking using watercolour and ink. The artwork produced in the workshops has been digitally assembled by the artist into the botanical fusion of flora, colour and texture on the walls of the reception foyer. A selection of the patients’ original artworks are displayed a framed gallery in the same area.

As part of this project, Jacqui created craft packs for staff, including make-your-own stamps and ink sets, to value their input in the project and to help support their well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The art project was supported by the Arts in Health team, the Spinal Cord Injuries Patient Activities Coordinator, and funded by Sheffield Hospitals Charity.


Artist: www.jacquisymons.co.uk

Arts in Health: http://arts.sth.nhs.uk/

Sheffield Hospitals Charity: www.sheffieldhospitalscharity.org.uk


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The Arts in Health team relies on the goodwill of our dedicated team of volunteers. We also regularly work with professional artists and musicians on a variety of creative projects across the Trust.