SPARC patients say it with flowers

Visual artist Elisa Artesero was commissioned to lead a series of creative workshops for patients at the Stroke Pathway Assessment Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) between October 2018 and April 2019.  The emphasis of the sessions was to enable patients to socialise, practice hand-motor and cognitive skills, build confidence and, most importantly, enjoy themselves.

Elisa used pictures and bunches of ‘flowers’  to inspire the participants.  “Flowers have meaning, they’re colourful and they bring joy”. She taught a variety of creative writing and drawing techniques, using different tools and materials such as charcoal, inks, feathers, brushes, tissue paper and printed words to stimulate patients to think, talk, draw and write.

The work that was created by the patients was photographed by the artist and digitally transformed into two artworks for the corridor space.  The window vinyl was installed on 6th August and changed the link corridor between the therapy rooms and patient rooms into a more joyful passage way.

Elisa says:  “During the workshops patients would often share their stories about how their stroke had affected their lives and that of their families.  Rehabilitation is an emotional time as people come to terms with change.  I used the words of encouragement that our workshop participants used to support one another and projected these onto bright summer flowers.  These pictures were turned into a window transfers.  I hope they bring joy and hope to all who stay, work and visit SPARC.”