New Arts Activities Session on Huntsman 4

We’ve recently launched a brand new weekly arts activity session on one of our Huntsman wards here at the Northern General.

Patients are appreciating the opportunity to get away from their beds for an hour, listen to music, have a good old natter and try their hand at some arts and crafts.

Last week a range of lovely bookmarks were created using watercolours and brightly coloured ribbons as well as some beautiful cards for family and friends  – all whilst singing along to some classic swinging sixties tunes.

Patient Susan created a gorgeous card for her new granddaughter Aurora who is only a couple of weeks old. She was delighted as she hasn’t had chance to buy her a card having been in hospital at the time of her birth. She said about the session,

‘I’ve never been into crafts, but I really enjoyed it and it has made my whole day much happier.’ Susan (patient)