In and Out of Hospital’s final project with Stroke Patients

Artist Elisa Artesero and patient Mary Flynn

On Monday 22nd October visual artist Elisa Artesero started her first block of 12 workshop sessions with patients at the new Stroke Pathway Assessment Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC, formerly Beech Hill Rehabilitation Centre) in Norfolk Park.  The centre was recently redesigned to give patients recovering from Strokes a top class rehabilitation experience that, apart from the normal nursing and therapy care, also provides patients with a range of new and relaxing activities including creative arts.

Arts in Health, together with the Therapy Team at SPARC, selected artist Elisa Artesero to provide workshops for patients and create a new permanent artwork for the Centre.  Elisa started the workshops in October.   A total of 64 people took part in the sessions, including 2 family members.  Volunteer Meriel Herbert helped out every Tuesday morning with additional support from the staff team at SPARC.

Quite a few patients returned every week and this enabled us to observe changes in mobility, levels of engagement, social interaction, attitude towards the tasks that Elisa asked them to carry out.  There was lots of laughter and banter in the sessions.  As with previous workshops, patients sometimes can open up and become emotional but this is more often a release of worry, confusion, frustration or discomfort than actual sadness.  Most emotional moments were short-lived with patients feeling reassured and more positive with the support given by the team“. (Mir Jansen, arts coordinator)

I Can’t believe I’ve done this.  Absolutely brilliant.  Best therapy I have had since I’ve been here“. patient Mary Flynn