Colouring-in Nature 1-2-3

Arts Coordinator Mir Jansen is also a visual artist and has collaborated with her local community in Bamford to create a series of nature colouring-in packs that will be made available for downloading over the coming months.

The packs consist of 4 illustrations inspired by photographs of wild flowers, taken by local residents. The illustrations are divided in 3 sections: colour-in sheets, a composition of all 4 illustrations and a guide with names of the flowers, where they found and some back ground information.  Smaller versions of the illustrations can be used for postcards.

Available here:

illustrations 22 April 2020 W

illustrations 28 April 2020 W

illustrations 16 May 2020 W

Feel free to download and have a go.  We are always interested to see what you have created – send your finished picture with your name to us at

With thanks to Bamford residents Steve Eyre, Penny Lavery, Elaine Randall, Peter Feetham, Pete Mackey, Ann Kelly and Janet Skirrow