Artwork for SPARC unveiled

pictured: Amanda Jones – Stroke Nurse Consultant, Mir Jansen – arts coordinator and Elisa Artesero – visual artist

In May 2017 we selected visual artist Elisa Artesero to lead a series of creative workshops for patients at the Stroke Pathway Assessment Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC).  The focus for the sessions was to enable the participants to socialise, practice fine hand-motor skills and cognitive skills, build confidence and enjoy themselves.

In her workshop sessions Elisa used pictures and bunches of ‘flowers’  to inspire the participants.

Flowers have different meanings, they’re colourful and they brought joy to the workshop participants”.

She taught a variety of creative writing and drawing techniques, using different tools and materials such as charcoal, inks, feathers, brushes, tissue paper and printed words to stimulate patients to think, talk, draw and write.

Mir and Elisa and some of the window vinyls created for SPARC

The work that was created by the patients was photographed by the artist and digitally transformed into two artworks for the corridor space.  The window vinyl consists of different flowers with words of encouragement exchanged by patients to give each other comfort and support.  The prints are created from patterns taken from the work made by the participants.

One of the ink drawings created by a participant was transformed into a pattern design for a mug that will be sold in the Charity Hub shop at the Northern General Hospital to raise more money for projects such as this.

pictured: Steve Barks, Amanda Jones, Mir Jansen, Phil Skelson, Elisa Artesero, Jane Elliott and Jenna Settle

We feel that this work has changed this corridor into a place for contemplation and reflection, not just for the people in receipt of the care and therapy provided by the Centre, but also for the staff that work here and the many visitors that pass through.