I work as a visual artist working in a range of disciplines producing Painted, Printed and Public artworks.  With my public art works I develop visual designs applied to surfaces in architectural situations. I specialise in the production of vinyl artworks for architectural glass but can work with other materials and processes working in my studio in Sheffield.

I have undertaken commissions for public health organisations and feel that the use of art in these situations is a valuable and interesting activity. I develop work public using a creative user centred approach using consultation and engagement activities which inform and develop the final outcome.

My artwork is an exploration of and reaction to particular situations.  I am interested in how the process and materials used influence what is created and where the use of a subject becomes a device for the exploration of things such as positive and negative space. I have made use of a variety of subjects including architecture, landscape, found objects and plant forms. I construct compositions of collected elements and it is how they can be organised that interests me.

I combine traditional art practices with new technology and am interested in the interplay of visual aesthetics, technology and lived experience; how technology can play a role in the creation of artworks. Sorting, sifting, cataloguing and editing selections are important processes to me and the decision making activities that take place are something that becomes more conscious when working digitally.

Examples of works can be seen in my web site www.peter-griffiths.com.